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Matou-méou or how to take care of a cat or a kitten

Matou Meow

Everything to know how to take care of a cat!

Games, diet, growth, minor injuries or urinary problems… Matou Miaou shares tips and advice with you! For all who are going to adopt a cat, who live with a cat, who love cats and who want to know how to take care of a cat ... Here are some common sense tips to keep your cat in good shape and the happiest. of the world !

Caring for one cat in your life

Taking a cat is a big responsibility. Often, when adopting a cat, we have no idea of ​​the great place that his cat will occupy in his daily life ...

Taking good care of a cat takes time and a lot of attention. Between feed him, Take it out, play itwash it, looking after him, taking care of a cat requires a lot of involvement and a substantial budget!

Suddenly, you have to think carefully because when you take a cat, it's to take care of it every day from morning to night, to take care of it when it is. kitten, while vacations and of course even when he is sick, when he has diarrhea, when he has conjunctivitis, when he meows at night and when he is old. But Matou Miaou is here to help you...

Matou Miaou – Taking care of a cat on a daily basis

How to take good care of your cat on a daily basis? Because taking care of your cat is not just giving it kibble and petting it from time to time, take care of a kitten or a cat on a daily basis, it is above all to understand its behaviors and needs, it is to favor a bonding relationship with your cat and do everything to make him healthy and happy. And for that, Matou Miaou accompanies you by answering simply and clearly to the questions which titillate you about cats!

Matou miaou – Why this blog on cats?

Matou Miaou simply aims to give you common sense advice and tips for living in harmony with your cat. Matou Miaou is a sharing blog: Indeed, when you have already experienced living and caring for a cat, you can explain the why and how!


Keeping in mind that cats are all different and their behavior evolves throughout their life cycle:

Kitten – Junior – Adult – Senior

The content of the Matou Miaou site is published for information purposes only. The Content is not intended to substitute for the advice, diagnosis or treatment of a professional veterinarian. Always ask your veterinarian first for any questions you may have about your cat's health.

Matou Miaou – Memo for taking good care of a cat

Every day, to take good care of my cat, I don't forget to:

Once a week (at least), to take good care of my cat, I don't forget to:

  • Groom or wash it if necessary;
  • Examine his ears;
  • Clean and change his litter;
  • Take him out for a walk by keeping him on a leash.

Once a month, to take good care of my cat's health, I don't forget to:

Once a year, for a good medical follow-up of my cat, I do not forget to:

  • Take him to his vet for a check-up;
  • Remind him of vaccines according to the due dates.