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At what age does a kitten start to purr

Wondering at what age does a kitten start to purr? Find out here everything you need to know about the purring age of kittens, whether or not it is normal for your grown kitten to still not purr.

When does a cat purr?

Although scientists have not fully understood how cats are able to make sounds as soothing to them as they are to humans, we do know in what situations cats purr:

Indeed, they found that generally a cat starts to purr in the following situations:

  • When he feels good, when he is comfortably warm, when he is stroked, when he snuggles up against you ...
  • When he wants to reassure himself, calm down, de-stress or reassure his fellows;
  • A cat may also purr to relieve pain or discomfort;
  • To communicate with humans.

Does a kitten purr?

Yes, a kitten purrs in certain situations. Indeed, purring in kittens is a natural and innate phenomenon.

Purring kitten age

Purring is a communication system between the cat and her kittens. Indeed, the vibration of the purring of the cat, reassures and gives confidence to her kittens to encourage them to suckle.

Purring appears in kittens very soon after birth. Indeed, new born kittens are able to emit sounds. From the first days, a kitten communicates with its mother by emitting tiny meows to let her know that she is hungry. 

At what age does the kitten start to purr?

Usually, a kitten begins to purr at 3 weeks of age. His first purrs are intended for his mother to communicate her feeling of well being. Growing up, a kitten will also purr along with its siblings to communicate its peaceful intentions or to calm a situation in a conflict.

at what age does a kitten purr?

At what age does a cat purr?

When the kitten becomes an adult, the situations that generate the purring will change. The cat will purr in the presence of humans. When the kitten will stop suckling from its mother, so at the weaning period, the kitten will start purring to communicate with men. It's his way of letting his master know that all is well and that he likes to be cuddled. Nevertheless, even if the purring is no longer intended exclusively for its mother, it will always remain a communication tool with calming intentions when the cat is an adult.

Do all kittens purr?

Sometimes kittens never purr. Indeed, if a kitten has been abandoned by its mother, if it has lost its mother very early, if it has been separated too young or if the kitten was weaned too soon, it may never purr.

However, just because a kitten doesn't purr does not mean that kitten is unhappy. A kitten may very well find other ways to communicate its well-being and to calm down. Indeed, a kitten can knead your legs or you lick to let you know he feels good around you.

It could also be that your kitten is purring but you cannot hear it. Indeed, some kittens will purr so softly that your ear will not hear the purrs. However, if you gently place your hand on the kitten's throat, you may be able to feel the vibrations of the purr.

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