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Cat with a limp foreleg - How to treat a cat who limps?

Faced with the problem of a cat limping with front paw, you wonder but don't know how to treat or relieve it? But before looking for how to treat it yourself, I advise you to find out why your cat is limping with its front paw to know if it is serious or not.

Indeed, a limp can be the consequence of an injury, a sprain, a dislocation, a fracture or an attack of osteoarthritis. However, the treatments are different depending on the case.

Why is my cat limping with its front paw?

If your cat has fought with other cats, if he has fallen from a height, if he has been the victim of an accident, he may be injured in his front paw and require appropriate care.

Sprain or fracture of the cat's front paw

In the case of a cat which limps with its front paw and no longer leans on this paw at all, it is because the cat is in such pain that it can no longer put its paw on the ground. Whatever the cause of his limp (fracture or sprain), it is better to show the cat to a veterinarian.

Indeed, only he will be able to make a diagnosis by making an X-ray of his leg and telling you how to treat him correctly. Note that very often, it is a sprain or a fracture of the front paw.

Treating a limping cat - Sprain

When it comes to a small sprain (stretching of the ligaments) and your cat is not in too much pain, you can relieve it by:

  • Applying ice to its front paw (not directly on its paw but with a cloth). In practice, the cold released by the ice relieves pain and reduces swelling.
  • Putting a tight band on his front paw over the area that is swollen. Using an elastic bandage, you will keep his ligaments more supported.
  • By allowing your cat to be able to rest quietly. For this, you will need to isolate it in a quiet and heated room. Thus, the cat will remain at rest without being tempted by external elements.

Treating a limping cat - Fracture

In the case of a fractured front paw of your cat, the veterinarian will usually make the diagnosis after taking an x-ray of the paw. Then he will tell you how to treat your cat's broken paw. Indeed, everything will depend on the severity and type of the fracture involved. The fracture will be treated, depending on the case, with a cast, a splint or after surgery to place a plate, a pin or a screw.

How to treat a cat with a limp foreleg

Injury or sore of the cat's front paw

In some cases, a cat may limp on its front paw due to a sore on its paw or a cut in its pads.

Treating a limping cat - Injury

If the wounds are superficial, you will need to:

  • Thoroughly clean all around the wound or cut. To do this, just use Marseille soap and hot water;
  • Then, disinfect the wound or cut by brushing it with an antiseptic (Dermidine antiseptic spray for cats) or betadine.
  • Make a bandage and prevent your cat from removing his bandage.
  • Monitor the wound for 1 week. For this, every day, you will have to observe the wound to check that there is no infection but also to check its general condition.

So, don't wait and quickly show your cat to his vet.

Cat limping with front paw

Osteoarthritis in the front paw of the cat

Just like a human, a cat can suffer from osteoarthritis, especially in a front paw. This disease, which results in the wear and tear of joint cartilages, can be extremely painful for a cat and cause it to limp. This is usually the case with older cats or obese cats. Often times, a cat with osteoarthritis does not limp continuously but at times when it has attacks of osteoarthritis.

Treating a limping cat - Osteoarthritis

To treat a cat with osteoarthritis in a front paw, especially not self-medication. Never give your aspirin cat or dolipran to relieve his pain. The veterinarian will give you a prescription adapted to your cat's problem. Your doctor will probably give you treatment that involves reducing inflammation between the cartilages (anti-inflammatory drugs suitable for cats and / or pain relieving treatment).

Relieve a cat with osteoarthritis

To prevent your cat from suffering permanently and continuing to limp with its front paw, you can help it by:

  • Making him do physical exercises (moving his joint regularly helps reduce seizures);
  • Making him lose weight (overweight being an aggravating factor in osteoarthritis). See my article: My cat is too fat - Best diet for obese cats

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