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How to treat a sneezing cat - cat cold home remedy

To treat your sneezing cat, who coughs and seems Sniffles, you are looking for a effective home remedy for cat colds.

And you are quite right: a cold in a cat does not require treatment with antibiotics or other drugs. But are you sure this is a simple cold and not from Corysa (cat flu), a bronchitis or an rhinitis what caught your cat?

To help you I will teach you what are the main symptoms of a common cold in cats and my tips for treat your cat naturally (home remedy and advice to take care of it).

What is the common cold in a cat?

Although it is not the same cold as the common cold in humans, the common cold in cats is caught like our common cold and looks a lot like it.

Cat colds usually appear during the winter months when the temperatures are low even if sometimes with the change of seasons this virus can also appear ...

This virus causes a upper respiratory tract infection and triggers very characteristic symptoms that we will detail below.


Is the common cold virus contagious?

The common cold in cats is a virus much less serious than the flu (Corysa) but which is very contagious for your cat when it is in the presence of cats with colds. The common cold is not transmitted from animals to humans or vice versa.

But since the common cold is very contagious for cats among themselves, if you have other cats, remember to isolate the one who has a cold during the incubation period which lasts between 2 and 7 days.

Sneezing Cat - Cold Symptoms 

Here are the main symptoms that a cat who caught a cold :

  • sneezing,
  • tremors,
  • small cough (sometimes),
  • runny nose,
  • weeping eyes,
  • shortness of breath
  • tired,
  • loss of appetite,
  • little fever.

Is the common cold virus dangerous?

The common cold in a young, healthy cat is not serious and can be treated with some good home remedies. Usually it won't last more than 7-10 days.

On the other hand, in the case of a kitten, an old cat or a lactating cat, it is preferable to seek the advice of a veterinarian to avoid respiratory complications and that the common cold turns into pneumonia.

Sneezing Cat - Symptoms of Corysa

If the common cold is not dangerous for a cat, on the other hand, the Corysa whose symptoms are similar to those of the common cold can be much more serious! It is notably the high fever and cough that will reveal that your cat does not have a simple cold but a Corysa.

Indeed, when a cat catches a Corysa, it is infected only once by 3 virus family of herpesvirus, Reovirus and calicivirus.

Only one vaccination can protect your cat from this viral disease which can kill your cat!

Sneezing and Coughing Cat - Cold or Corysa?

If your cat is not very bothered by the symptoms listed above, it is surely a simple cold. On the other hand, if your cat is very depressed, without strength, feverish and really bad, then it is probably that he has Corysa or another disease (see how do i know if my cat is sick?).

If you have any doubts, don't take the risk of treating your cat yourself and take him to a vet.

Cat sneezing and coughing symptoms Cold or Corysa?

How to treat a sneezing cat, a cat with a cold?

Since the common cold is a virus for which there is no vaccine, there is no radical cure for a cold. We can simply relieve some symptoms et help your cat's body fight the virus faster and more efficiently (see my tips below).

Never use your medication to treat your cat

Because the organism of a cat is totally different from that of men, you should never give a drug from your pharmacy (aspirin, ibuprofen, doliprane, etc.) to your cat, even using only one very low dose. Indeed, whatever the dosage, you could kill your cat by giving it a remedy intended for humans.

Cat Cold Home Remedy - Steam and Moisture

To relieve your cat's airways with a cold, you will need to provide him with a sufficiently humid environment.

Indeed, if your cannot breathe well, that he breathes while "whistling", prepare him a steam session. Close the door to your bathroom, run a hot shower for 10 minutes. Once the room is full of steam, place your cat there and stay with him for 10 to 15 minutes. In fact, the hot water vapor will soothe, open up your cat's nasal passages, and help clear mucus.

You can repeat this session twice a day.

Another trick is to install a air humidifier in the room where your cat usually sleeps.

HUMIDIFIER air to treat cat colds

Common Cold Cat Home Remedy - Inhalations

To further decongest your cat's nasal passages, you can prepare an infusion of eucalyptus that he can inhale.

For this, you need to put about 50 grams of Eucalyptus leaves in 1 liter of water and boil. When you prepare the bathroom with the hot water vapor, place the eucalyptus infusion pot in it and let your cat inhale for 15 minutes.

Common cold cat home remedy - Heat

A cat with a cold will need a sufficiently warm environment so that his body can better fight the cold virus.

So, if necessary, think about turning on the heating or offering it a cushion or a self-heating blanket ...

cat cold home remedy self-heating blanket

Common cold cat home remedy - Treat your nose

If your cat has a runny nose, it will be important to avoid having a stuffy nose. To do this, simply wipe off the secretions and mucus with a compress or a clean cloth.

If there is already a scab under their nostrils, moisten the compress with warm water and gently clean your cat's nose.

If her nose is very dry and damaged by runny nose and scabs, you can use a little petroleum jelly by spreading it well outside her nostrils.

Cat Cold Home Remedy - Treat Your Eyes

The common cold will sometimes cause a cat to have more tears than usual. If your cat has runny eyes, you will need to clean her eyes well and see how to treat weeping eyes.

Common cold cat home remedy - food

A cat with a cold can lose its appetite. However, to effectively fight the cold virus, a cat must have sufficient immune defenses. This is why you will have to make sure that he eats nutritious and sufficient food.

In addition to his daily croquettes, offer him canned sardines, mackerel or tuna.

Common cold cat home remedy - make him drink

A cat with a cold can have a fever and can become dehydrated. It is therefore important that you check that your cat is drinking enough. See my article: How to make a cat drink?

What if home remedies aren't enough?

If despite your care, your cat is still in such pain, does not eat, drink and has a fever, do not wait and take your cat to his vet!

Learn as well How to give medicine to my cat?

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