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Kitten losing its hair

Are you wondering about your kitten losing hair ? Here is a small file on the evolution of the coat of kittens from their birth to the age when the coat is final.

Are kittens born with hair?

When they are born, baby cats do not have real hair but rather a very fine and soft coat that looks like down.

Baby cats who will lose their hair

Coat of baby cats

The first coat of the kitten is made of small silky first layer hairs that the kitten will keep for about 5 months. This cottony coat keeps the kitten warm. It is softer and shorter than the coat that will gradually replace it.

At what age does a kitten lose its baby hair?

A kitten loses its baby hair from the age of 3 months. It is not really a loss of hair but a replacement of the down by fuller and denser hair. So in 1 or 2 months of moulting, at the same time as the kitten development, the kitten's coat will become thicker and more resistant.

Why is my kitten losing its hair?

A baby cat loses its first coat which was used only to keep it warm to replace it with a coat that will resist the cold but also dirt and humidity. The replacement coat, which will be waterproof and thicker, will better protect the kitten from the vagaries of the weather.

The new coat will therefore act as a thermal insulator and act as a protective barrier for the kitten's skin and body. The sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands also helps the kitten to be protected against infections.


Kitten coat evolution

From 3 months to 12 months, depending on the breed of the kittens, the final coat will slowly settle down to become the coat that the kitten will keep as an adult.

Regarding the color of her dress, there too will be an evolution which takes several months to arrive at the final color. For example, the different shades of the coat of Siamese cats are not revealed definitively until the age of 1 year. For the Bengal cat, it is even longer because her magnificent tabby coat is only really formed around the age of 2!

Hair Loss Kitten - When to be Worried?

As we have seen, a young kitten does not really lose its hair but gradually changes its down from birth to longer, stronger and denser hair.

However, it happens that growing kittens can lose their new hair. Indeed, a flea infection or a skin problem can cause hair loss called alopecia areata or alopecia. It is the same problem as in adult cats who lose their hair in handfuls, on certain areas of their body ... See my article: My cat is losing her hair

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