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Kitten weight 3 months

Are you worried about the weight of your 3 month old kitten because it seems to you that it is perhaps a little too thin… And it is true that it is necessary to watch the weight of a kitten because, to be in good health, a kitten must have a normal growth with a regular weight gain.

So first of all, if your 3 month old kitten refuses to eat or is really skinny, it's probably because he's sick. So don't wait and go quickly to a veterinarian for a diagnosis.

That being said, if you just want to check that your 3 month old kitten is growing normally, then here are some common sense tips and advice that can help you as your kitten grows.

Monitor the growth of a kitten

By the age of 3 months (the age from which kittens are generally adopted), the kitten is normally already weaned, which means that it is no longer drinking milk. It grows strongly until the age of 4-6 months, then the growth rate slows down a bit.

To know if a kitten is growing well, you must first weigh it and find out if its weight is normal (see below the average weight of a 3 month old kitten) and increasing steadily. For good raising a 3 month old kitten, it will be necessary to weigh it regularly to follow the evolution of its weight and especially to check that it does not lose any.

How to weigh a 3 month old kitten?

If you have a baby, you can use it to weigh your kitten, otherwise you can use a kitchen scale. In both cases, be careful to disinfect before and after use!


How often should a 3 month old kitten be weighed?

Before the age of 3 months, the weight of a kitten must be followed very closely (see how to take care of a 2 month old kitten?). The frequency of weighings between 1 and 3 months must be once a week. By noting the results to make a growth curve, we can check that the kitten is gaining weight regularly and especially that it does not lose any!

From the age of 3 months, the weighing frequency changes to Once every two weeks, which will be enough to properly control the evolution of the kitten's weight.

Factors to consider for weight

The weight of a kitten is variable according to its breed, its age, its genes ... Knowing the "normal weight" or making the curve of the "ideal weight" of a kitten according to its growth is very complicated because too many factors come into play to do these calculations.

The bigger and bigger a kitten will be as an adult (according to his race) and the longer it will grow. For example a Siberian cat where males can weigh up to 10 kg will take almost 5 years to complete their growth.

Another example, the growth of the male kitten is little longer than that of a female kitten. In fact, up to the age of 3 months, male and female kittens have almost the same weight, then from 3 months, male kittens become heavier than female kittens.

And there is also the genetic factor which affects the weight of a kitten. In fact, half of a kitten's chromosomes come from its mother and the other half from its father. If one of its parents is very tall or very large, the kitten's growth may be different from that of a kitten whose 2 parents are very small and thin.

What is the weight of a kitten at birth?

The average weight of a kitten at birth is between 90 to 110 grams. Healthy, well-fed kittens gain 70-100 grams per week for 2 months.

What is the weight of a 3 month old kitten?

Depending on its breed and gender, the approximate average weight of a 3 month old kitten is more or less between 1,2 kg and 1,7 kg.

At what age does a kitten become an adult?

Again, it depends on the breed of the kitten. The majority of kittens reach their adult size around 9 months. Therefore, a 1 year old cat is considered to be an adult cat whose weight must remain stable.

What is the weight of an adult cat?

The weight of an adult cat is variable according to its breed. In addition, it differs according to the sex, age, physical activity and whether or not the cat is sterilized. To find out if your cat's weight is normal, it will be best to ask your veterinarian. See my article: Weight of a cat according to its age

However, here is a small grid which is only an estimate of the average and approximate weight of an adult and healthy cat:

  • Average weight of a male cat: between 4 and 5 kg
  • Average weight of a neutered male cat: between 4,5 and 5,5 kg
  • Average weight of an adult cat: between 3 and 4 kg
What is the weight of a kitten?

How to make a 3 month old kitten fat?

To make your 3 month old kitten fat, of course, you need to feed it properly. Either with quality croquettes (see my recommendation below) or with a balanced and adapted diet (see 3 month old kitten diet?).

3 month old kitten - What kibble?

In fact, this is the basis: To feed well and therefore make your 3-month-old kitten fat, you will have to start by giving her a rich, balanced diet composed of all the nutrients necessary for good. growth of a 3 month old kitten.

Among the brands recommended by veterinarians, here is a brand that you can buy online and that is designed to optimize the growth of 3 month old kittens :

Kitten dry food 3 months Virbac

3 month old kitten - Unlimited food

A 3 month old kitten must be able to feed itself throughout the day and when it wants. So, rather than offering him a single big meal at once, he must give food at will ! The ideal will be to put his daily ration in a kibble dispenser (cheap and so practical when working !!!):

3 month old kitten - Unlimited water

As important as food, water is vital for a 3 month old kitten. Indeed, dehydration could have serious consequences for his health.

So, remember to fill a bowl with water every morning and change this water regularly. In fact, the water must be fresh and clean. Make sure your kitten is drinking enough throughout the day.

If your kitten isn't drinking enough, try adding a little water to their food.

3 month old kitten - Deworming

If your kitten looks thin, it may be that she has worms. Indeed, these parasites can disrupt a kitten's weight gain and even, if the infestation is left untreated, lead to serious illness.

At 3 months, a kitten must be dewormed every month until it is 6 months old. For this, you will need to take your kitten to her veterinarian who will prescribe an effective and appropriate treatment.

Your kitten refuses food? Here is My kitten is not eating anymore, what to do?

Has your kitten grown up? Discover what is the weight of a 4 month old kitten?

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