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Cat too skinny what to do - How to make a cat fat

How to make a cat fat? If you think your cat is too skinny, that he has lost a lot of weight lately, that he absolutely has to put on weight, you are right to worry ...

Indeed, except for some breeds of cats which are naturally thin such as Abyssinians, Siamese or Turkish Angoras, a healthy cat should be neither too fat nor too thin.

However, sometimes a cat can lose weight suddenly or not being able to gain enough weight and this can have consequences on his state of health.

But to know how to make your cat fat, you first need to know if his weight is normal or not and, in which case, understand why he is too thin.

Below you will find tips for getting your cat back to a normal weight, knowing that while the loss is very important, it is essential to seek the advice of a veterinarian.

What is the normal weight of a cat?

The weight of a cat depends on several factors: its breed, its age, its state of health, its state of sterilization… These are elements that must be taken into account to determine the ideal weight of a cat.


Knowing the normal weight or making the ideal weight curve of a cat is therefore not easy (too many factors come into play to make this calculation), on the other hand I can give you the average weights of adult cats according to the main breeds. . See my article: Weight of a cat according to its age.

What is the average weight of a cat?

I give you below an estimate, according to the main breeds of cats, of the average weight of a healthy adult cat:

  • European type cats (alley cats): Weight between 3 and 5 kg
  • Abyssinian breed cats: Average weight between 2 and 4 kg
  • Burmese cats: Average weight between 3 and 4,5 kg
  • Devon Rex cats: Average weight between 3 and 5 kg
  • Maine Coon breed cats: Average weight between 5 and 7 kg
  • Persian breed cats: Average weight between 4 and 6 kg
  • Cats of the Sacred of Burma breed: Average weight between 4 and 5 kg
  • Siamese breed cats: Average weight between 3 and 5 kg

Note that, whatever the breed, a male cat will be heavier than a female and a sterilized cat heavier than a normal cat.

What is the weight of a kitten?

About the chatons, their birth weight is between 90 to 120 grams. Healthy, properly fed kittens gain about 100 grams per week. To learn more about the normal weight of a kitten according to its growth, here is: Kittens weight

How do you know if a cat is too thin?

In general, we quickly realize that our cat is too thin or that he has lost much weight.

However, vets have a method of knowing if a cat is at normal weight or not. They are based on an evaluation grid to determine if your cat is overweight or if her weight is underweight. If you are in doubt, your best bet is to ask a vet.


Cat too thin - Why?

Slimming or the problem of underweight in a cat can have several more or less serious causes:

Skinny cat because poor diet

Who thinks weight, thinks diet. Indeed, it makes sense that a malnourished cat loses weight. If he doesn't have the amount of food he needs, he is bound to lose weight.

But be careful because even if your cat eats in sufficient quantities, he may have deficiencies due to a poor diet. Indeed, the food intake can be correct in quantity but not sufficiently nutritious or not at all adapted to the nutritional needs of the cat.

Some owners only feed their cats with "household" food (leftovers from our meals, homemade menus, etc.) but do not know how to balance the doses and the food. Thus, the food they give their cats does not have enough nutrients and calories. 

If this is your case, your best bet will be to abandon this type of diet and switch to a kibble diet. See my article: How to feed a cat properly.

Here is a mark of croquettes that provide an incomparable energy supply given their high protein level  :

Skinny cat following a change in diet

Sudden weight loss, even if the cat is not vomiting and has no diarrhea, may be due to a change in diet (new brand of kibble, switch to household food, BARF, etc.). Indeed, any change in eating habits can upset your cat. This is why it must always be done gradually and spread over time (gradually mix the new kibbles by mixing them with the old ones).

Skinny cat because it is hyperactive

Cats, and especially young cats, move a lot, spend all day, hunt, play ... If your cat is young, very active and is losing weight for no apparent reason, it may be that he expends more calories than 'he does not consume it in his diet.

In this case, it will be enough to increase the daily rations of food a little or to choose more nutritious foods or croquettes while making sure to make him drink plenty of water.

Skinny cat because of stress

Just as a cat can, if it feels stressed or anxious, urinate everywhere or be aggressive towards you, he can also lose weight. However, many situations can cause this state in a cat: A simple move, the arrival of a baby at home, theadoption of a new kitten, the new cohabitation of the cat with a dog, the loss of a family member or because your cat is bored...

In this case, it will be necessary to know the cause of his state of ill-being in order to be able to remedy it. A word of advice, take more time to play with him, to hug him and reassure him!

Skinny pussy because she is breastfeeding

Nutritional requirements will increase in a pregnant pussy but also during her two months of breastfeeding. Suddenly, if you have not increased her daily rations or if you have not adapted her diet (need much richer kibble), your cat will inevitably lose weight ...

Here are the recommended kibbles for pregnant cats or nursing their kittens:

Skinny cat because he is old

And yes, the older your cat gets, the less appetite it will have. Suddenly, it is common to see significant weight loss in older cats. If this is the case for your tomcat, know that there are croquettes suitable for old cats.

Here's a vet-recommended brand for aging cats:

tips on how to make your cat fat

Skinny cat because he is sick

Sudden and severe weight loss can be the symptom of a disease. Other symptoms may support this diagnosis: loss of appetite, vomiting, digestive problems, diarrhea, disheveled coat, change in the cat's behavior ...

To find out, you will need to take your cat to a veterinarian without delay. Indeed, there is only one professional who can correctly diagnose the causes (diabetes, intestinal parasites, infections of the gums or teeth, hairball in the intestines, cancer, etc.) and administer appropriate treatment.

How to make a cat fat?

First of all, in the event of pathology, the veterinarian's recommendations should be followed as a priority.

Then it will take weigh your cat and follow the evolution of its weight by weighing it at least once a month to check that it is growing well and regularly.

Know that your cat will take a long time to gain weight visibly, which is why you will have to be patient, follow him closely and be attentive and caring! Here are some tips to help your cat regain a normal weight:

Fattening a cat - Quality food

This is the basis: To make your cat fat, you will have to start by giving him a richer and more quality diet. Indeed, it will be necessary to choose croquettes with a high protein content (the 1st ingredient mentioned on the composition must be turkey, fish, lamb, chicken or beef).

See an example of recommended kibble for skinny cats below:

croquettes to make a cat fat

Fattening a Cat - Mash and Bites

If your cat has trouble swallowing kibble, consider canned food, delicious pâtés and succulent little bites in sauce. Very greedy, filled with salt and water and quite high in calories, they can quickly add a few hundred grams more to the weight of your cat! And as they are very appetizing, your cat will not resist!

Pack of 8 pâtés Selection of fish with vegetables for cats:

See the video presentation of this food :

Putting on a cat - No more meals

Generally, cats prefer to eat little but often throughout the day. So, to make your cat fat, rather than offering him a big meal at one time, it will be better to increase the frequency of his meals and even him give food at will !

For this, I advise you to use a kibble dispenser:

Fattening a Cat - Fish Oil

For a natural and quality food supplement, I recommend fish oil rich in the famous Omega 3. It is enough to put one tablespoon per day in its bowl mixed with its food and its calorie and material intake. fat will explode !!!

You can use sardine, tuna or mackerel oil, but it is preferable to choose special cat fish oils.

Make a cat fat - Treats?

You have been warned! because we tend to think that if we want your cat to get fat, you can give it as many treats as you want ... Well, I wouldn't recommend it. Indeed, if your cat does not have much of an appetite, it would be a real shame if he is satisfied only with treats. Certainly some are caloric, but if he only eats in small quantities, it is better to give him balanced and nutritious meals as a priority.

Treats are to be reserved only for rewards or as part of a positive education program. So your cat will eat mainly quality food.

Your kitten refuses to eat? See My kitten is not eating - how long can she go without eating?

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