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What does a 2 month old kitten eat?

What does a 2 month old kitten eat? What diet for a 2 month old kitten? How to feed a 2 month old kitten? If you are asking yourself these questions, it is because you have understood that the diet you are going to give your 2 month old kitten is vital for her good health and for her development.

And even if your 2 month old kitten is not fussy and would swallow everything that passes… this is no reason to give her anything to eat!

In fact, if you want your little feline to develop without health concerns, to be full of energy and vigor, it will be necessary to feed it in a healthy and balanced way.

Now it remains to understand what is meant by healthy and balanced diet ? To find out, we'll cover the following points:

  • At 2 months, is a kitten weaned?
  • How to feed an unweaned 2 month old kitten?
  • How to feed a 2 month old kitten already weaned?
  • What type of food for a 2 month old kitten: milk, pâtés, BARF, homemade food or croquettes?
  • How Much Food to Give a 2 Month Old Kitten?
  • How many times to feed a 2 month old kitten during the day?

At 2 months is a kitten weaned?

Weaning or stopping breastfeeding or substitute milk begins at 6 weeks and is done gradually until 3 months.

The kitten gradually switches from a 100% milk diet to a more solid diet (pâté, mousses, croquettes, etc.). If the kitten stays with its mother, weaning can take several weeks. But if he is separated from his mother, the kitten quickly switches to a 100% solid diet. So, at 2 months a kitten can be weaned knowing that normally it is rather at the age of 3 months.


If your kitten is still drinking milk at 2 months It should be replaced gradually its milk with kibbles and in this way wean your 2 month old kitten.  A 2 month old kitten is usually ready for gradual weaning.

How to feed an unweaned 2 month old kitten?

To feed your kitten of 2 months or 2 and a half months, you will need to give him formula and kibble. It will be necessary to alternate these two types of food as follows:

  • Give him a bowl of substitute milk (maternal milk recommended below) in which you will need to add some kibble for kittens.
  • Gradually, you will increase the amount of kibble while decreasing the amount of milk.
  • After a month, you will have to completely remove the formula milk so as not to feed your kitten who will then be 3 months old exclusively with kibble.
how to feed a 2 month old kitten

Normally a 2 month old kitten can start lapping up milk or water from a bowl, so bottle feeding will not be necessary.

And if your 2-month-old kitten had difficulty chewing the dry kibble, you can moisten them with a little hot water to soften them slightly.

Know that you will also have to give him fresh water at will. View: At what age does a kitten drink water?

What does a 2-month-old weaned kitten eat?

A 2-month-old kitten who has already been weaned can eat kibble or household food. As it is in full growth, it has quite significant needs in terms of energy, calcium, proteins, vitamins… It is therefore important to choose the right food so that it is quite nutritious and well balanced.

Here are the 2 options you have to feed your 2-month-old kitten:

Dry food for 2 month old kittens

For a 2-month-old kitten, you must choose quality kibble, the best suited to its needs related to its growth. I advise you to choose among veterinary brands or Premium quality croquettes.

Here is a brand recommended and sold by veterinarians: Advance Baby Protect Dry Food for Kittens.

How to feed a 2 month old kitten with kibble

Household food for 2 month old kitten

The principle of homemade food consists of concocting meals for your kitten made up of products or leftovers from your own diet (fish, vegetables, meat, etc.).

However, there are proportions to respect and products that should not be given. See my post: Feeding a cat naturally et Foods prohibited for cats

In addition, household food is complicated to organize and balance the needs of a 2-month-old kitten.

Indeed, if you opt for this type of food, you will have to know how to give the menus with the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, vitamins, minerals... and above all the right daily amount. This is why you will have to weigh each ingredient and cook them in an optimized way to save all the nutritional qualities.

Finally, note that if you have accustomed your 2 month old kitten to eat exclusively household food, on the day when you will not be able to feed it in this way, if you give it kibble, it will not tolerate them ... if you had to have him babysat during the holidays or leave him in boarding for several days ...

For all these reasons, I think a kibble diet is better for a 2 month old kitten. This is what veterinarians advise!

You can, if you wish, start household food once your cat is an adult, alternating with kibble food. That's what I did with my cats who now eat everything!

my cats

Best food for 2 month old kitten

Because, generally, you don't have a lot of time available or desire to cook complete meals every day (meat, vegetables, cereals) for your 2-month-old kitten, croquettes are perfect. In fact, all you have to do is measure the portion and pour into the kibble dispenser and that's it for the day!

Feeding your 2-month-old kitten with kibble allows you to respect the perfect nutritional balance but also the quantity appropriate to its needs. In addition, this type of food is the best guarantee for your 2-month-old kitten of sanitary quality (no germs or bacteria).

Finally, the croquettes are convenient because they are easy to store and keep very well. In addition, it is undoubtedly the most economical food of all!

How many times to feed a 2 month old kitten?

2 month old kittens love and need to eat many times in a day. They have a tiny stomach but a big appetite!

If you choose a kibble diet, you can feed your 2 month old kitten at will.

It will be necessary to prepare for your kitten the daily quantity recommended on the packaging of croquettes for a kitten of 2 months often indicated according to its weight. You pour this ration into a kibble dispenser for the whole day. Don't forget to also leave fresh water available for the whole day.

If your kitten is gluttonous, then divide the daily ration in 2 and give them to him in 2 meals (morning and evening).

Monitor your kitten's weight gain

Generally, at birth kittens weigh between 90 and 120 grams. If they are properly nourished and healthy, they should gain about 100 grams per week.

Thus, a 2 month old kitten should weigh between 850 and 950 grams. If this is not the case, it is recommended to see with your veterinarian.

View: Weight of kittens by age

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